Learn how to code, they said.

In 2016 I was at a point in my career where I knew that for a short time I could take a break and learn to do something new. I started doing my research and after comparing and contrasting benefits of different schools and what kinds of programs they offered, I chose to apply for General Assembly. After a relatively short interview process, I made it in and started a 3 month journey towards becoming a web developer. In 2017 I took a Squarespace course where I mastered designing and customizing with code on the platform and then eventually I hired a business coach and took this whole thing full time in the summer of 2020. With a little determination, calculated risk, and tons of support - I have been able to continue running my design and development business to support my clients, both new and returning, project after project.

I design and develop custom websites on Squarespace and ShowIT for artists, musicians, small business owners, brick-and-mortar shop owners, coaches, consultants, restaurants, and wedding professionals. Pretty much anyone struggling with and ready to improve their online presence.

I also offer white label development for web designers who are looking to scale their design businesses. This gives particularly busy designers the opportunity to focus on their clients and spend less time on development. Take on more projects each month when you hand off development. 

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Just in case my story didn't do it for you, I'll elaborate on my credibility. I'm a Squarespace Circle Member, HoneyBook Educator, and I graduated from General Assembly with two full stacks (MEAN/MERN ask me later) and 480 Hours of training as a Web Developer.

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Running this design and development business is a huge part of my life, but...

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it’s not the only thing I love to do.

It's not uncommon to find me running Zoom meetings while I'm on the go, squeezing in a quick yoga flow before bed, visiting friends all over the country, or chasing any one of my favorite bands around on tour.

I value following the fun in life and to me that means signing myself up for spontaneous adventures no matter where we’re going (as long as I can get the WiFi password upon arrival!) 

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