Imagine not having to build it twice.

What would you do with the time you could save in your design business by simply handing over the development for all (or maybe just a few) of your biggest projects every month?

Let's Collaborate

if you're anything like me, you like to work smarter, not harder.

This is why I offer Squarespace and ShowIT development for busy web designers who would rather focus on churning out the best possible design work for their clients than wasting hours rebuilding the same project twice.

Increase my productivity

“Rae is amazing to work with and has been such an asset to my business! She always finishes projects on time and the quality of her work is great. I can trust her fully with my client projects and I know the work will be completed at an extremely high standard which is very important to me! I can’t recommend Rae enough!”


I might be the support person your design business is currently missing.

I'm Rae! I'm a Full Stack Web Developer (shouts out to General Assembly) a Squarespace Pro and Circle Member, and ShowIT Implementer. Building websites is what I truly LOVE to do, and helping people with this in their design businesses is where I just fit in. I enjoy doing the technical tasks that most designers don't have the time for or even want to do. When I started my business, the goal was to fill a void, and I am pretty sure I've found it.

Get ready to work with someone who thrives on deadlines, has the technical skills to elevate your design work, is easy to work with, and doesn't mind getting all the things done completely behind the scenes without chatting up your clients in the process.

Here's how we can collaborate

Full Site Development

Get your sites developed

All you need to do is send your design files and the login! Some designers send a few content heavy pages, others enjoy sending the full site. Either way you choose to do it - you're ultimately opening up hours of your day, week, and month and saving time on development.

Share your mockup or wireframe with me using Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.

Sites must have a final destination of the ShowIt or Squarespace platforms. (Wordpress BEGONE)

Share all other brand assets, logos, images, and content with me via Dropbox or Google Drive

Turnaround for most projects is 3-14 days depending on level of design intricacy

"I couldn't run my biz successfully without Rae. Before her I would get seriously overwhelmed at the amount of work I had to do as I'm a solopreneur. I decided to hire Rae to setup my Showit websites I designed in Photoshop and it was like a HUGE weight being lifted off my shoulders! I easily could setup the sites, but time is precious as a mompreneur with two kids and a busy life and she saves me HOURS so that I can focus on other things. Not only has she seriously helped me, but she is the sweetest person and I love our Voxer conversations are the best! She is fair, honest, quick, and worth every penny. Definitely hire Rae! Outsourcing is my new best friend."


1. Share your wireframe with me.

Once you have your wireframe approved by your client, send it over so that I can provide you with an accurate turnaround time.

2. Share your content and copy

When we're ready to get started, I'll need your client's content, copy, photography, branding elements, logos, patterns and anything else that completes the design of their site.

3. I Build, You launch.

You get to sit back and relax while the development of both desktop and mobile versions of your client's site begin to take place! 

Okay, sign me up!

Small design agencies

Independent Squarespace and ShowIT Designers

Your projects are at least $5k-$10k+ and you book new work consistently.

You would prefer to handle design only and hand your work to a developer to build.

You want to increase your productivity and focus on lead generation

You need time to crank out better design work for your custom Design clients

Designers looking for design input or a project manager

If you are planning to be hands off with your clients

If you don't want to handle small tasks

If you're not currently focused on scaling your business

If you're disorganized and do not have systems or a process in place

If you design on any other platform that is not Squarespace or showit

Readiness Checklist

Don't rush it!

Don't get me wrong - this is an awesome service for any designer who finds themselves overwhelmed. But it's not always the best fit for every designer. My ideal designers are consistently bringing in new work on ShowIt or Squarespace month over month and are able to sacrifice 20-30% of their project cost for development when working with me. Check out the lists below to see if this is what you need!

“Rae is exactly the person I needed for my website design business. She saves me SO much time by taking care of the implementation, development, and backend of my client’s websites so I can focus on the design and 1:1 client relations. It’s been a dream come true to have met a girl that loves the tech side of the process and does it so skillfully. She’s always eager to jump in to help problem solve and has saved the day on many occasions. I’m so grateful for her!”


Let's Ask and Answer.

When is the best time to reach out to you when I'm ready to start?

When is the best time to reach out to you when I'm ready to start?

I work with many designers who design websites of different complexities. Some take longer than others. It's important to reach out as soon as you know you have something coming up that you'll need help with implementing. While it never hurts to ask, even if it's at the last minute, at least one week before your client's project is set to start is enough to get on my radar!

How do we nail down our project timeline and turnaround for completion?

How do we nail down our project timeline and turnaround for completion?

Generally, sites are a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 8 pages. I will assist with sites larger than 8 pages and I will also work with e-commerce shops. These websites come at a different fee than regular websites with limited or no e-commerce feature, so please reach out if you have something oversized that may require a custom quote. Most sites are developed within 3-14 business days. This will vary based on the complexity of your design.

File Sharing - Is there a specific place we should exchange files?

File Sharing - Is there a specific place we should exchange files?

We obviously need a way of exchanging files! Some of my favorite ways to share files and keep my machines free of digital clutter from all the projects I jump on are Google Drive and Dropbox. You may choose whichever of the two you'd like to use to share files with me. I'm extremely organized and will appreciate working with web designers who also value organization as much as I do! This helps me execute what I need to in a timely manner for you. Please set us up for success!

What's the best way to communicate to each other during the project?

What's the best way to communicate to each other during the project?

This is a vital part of any project - communication. While we are working together, I want you to know that your client's are YOURS. You will be my point of contact when I develop your sites. I enjoy checking in (if necessary) at the halfway point of our project via email or Voxer. I will not speak with your client - any questions or concerns will be mulled over with you! Generally - I operate during East Coast business hours 9AM-6PM but can be reached via email 24/7.

I don't feel like managing this project - but you will do it for me, right?

I don't feel like managing this project - but you will do it for me, right?

Sorry friend, I do not provide any project management with my development services. This means you are fully responsible for collecting any and all content, copy, photography, graphic elements, fonts and anything else that may need to be included on your clients' website BEFORE I am able to get started on building out my part. In very special cases, such as after we have established a very cohesive collaborative relationship, I may consider PMing your projects under extreme circumstances such as illness or vacation if you're unable to tend to your clients and we're on a time crunch.

How can I be sure you won't share my work as your own upon completion?

How can I be sure you won't share my work as your own upon completion?

I'm sure you're wondering about this part - confidentiality. I am very much behind the scenes when I develop websites I didn't design. Your work is yours, and you will never see your work featured anywhere on my social media accounts or in my portfolio. Ever. Period. The END. Occasionally, I will have other designers ask for live links of sites I've developed on specific platforms - if this is the case and I feel that a project we have worked on in the past is worth sharing with someone, rest assured that I will reach out to you first and ask for permission to share a link to your website if I ever need to. I do not believe in claiming anyone else's work as my own. My work is already floating around out there and you'd never know it.

If you've made it all the way down here...

Get in touch with me TODAY and let's get those sites built and launched quickly for your clients! Please take a few moments to send in a form below.

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